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Made Sudarma

Price Determination based on Torajanese Culture

Natalia Paranoan, Made Sudarma, Unti Ludigdo, Rosidi Journal of Asian Society for International Relations and Public Affairs Price determination in a society has been influenced by various factors, including the condition of cultural, economic, law, social, and political environment (Hofstede, 1986). Culture is considered the most powerful factors in this process (Mouritsen, 1989). This study focuses […]

Qualitative Approach to Build the Concept of Social Responsibility Disclosures Based On Shari’ah Enterprise Theory

Inten Meutia, Made Sudarma, Iwan Triyuwono, Unti Ludigdo This research aims to develop the concept and characteristics of social responsibi­lity disclosure and items of social responsibility disclosure of Islamic banks. The research was conducted based on the critical paradigm using Habermas’s Theory of Communication Action in understanding the social reality. Habermas’s Communica­tion Theory of Action […]

Beyond Ceremony: The Impact of Local Wisdom on Public Participation in Local Government Budgeting

Ana Sopanah, Made Sudarma, Unti Ludigdo dan Ali Djamhuri This paper reveals that public participation in local government budgeting can be practiced fully by the people, and not merely a ceremonial process as shown by earlier literature on such processes. Prior research has focused on the district level and found that participation in local government […]