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Visum Akuntansi Forensik dalam Tindak Pidana Korupsi

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A Critical Enquiry Into Privatisation of State-Owned Enterprises: the case of PT Semen Gresik (Persero) Tbk. Indonesia

Gugus Irianto Dissertation Privatisation has been interpreted in a variety of ways. It encompasses a variety of aspects such as ideology, politics, the economy, financial, as well as social implications and the global context. Above all, privatisation is conclusively understood as a medium of ‘reality’ construction. It is a policy that does create a newly […]

Semiotika Laba Akuntansi: Studi Kritikal-Posmodernis Derridean

Akhmad Riduwan, Iwan Triyuwono, Gugus Irianto, Unti Ludigdo Penelitian ini bertujuan (a) memahami penafsiran laba akuntansi oleh akuntan dan non-akuntan; serta (b) melakukan pencarian makna (semiotika) secara dekonstruktif atas teks yang berkaitan dengan penafsiran laba akuntansi oleh para informan. Penelitian dilakukan berdasarkan pendekatan kritikal-posmodern berbasis filsafat Jacques Derrida. Dengan berbasis pada filsafat Jacques Derrida, kajian […]

Philosophical Reconstruction of Accounting Education: Liberation through Beauty

Ari Kamayanti, Iwan Triyuwono, Gugus Irianto and Aji Dedi Mulawarman Accounting education is presently trapped into reaching concepts of “beauty”. These are masculinity, colonization and relativity. This research criticizes this cage of beauty and proposes alternative view of accounting education form. Currently, accounting education is regarded beautiful if it uses masculine approach that relies greatly […]